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Text and audio on artists' processes

Since the start of the collaborative project In the Process of... affiliated artists have discussed their individual creative processes in general and the progress of the specific art projects, which have been developed during the duration of the project.

Presented in this section some of those thoughts are published. Individual artists have their own ideas on what they want to disclose about their creative processes. Some are more open about their process. Some are more articulate than others. The collected texts and audio files represent a diversity of artistic approaches as well as they show differences in how artists present their work and their thoughts outside of their practice and media comfortable to them.

Some of the projects presented are still in progress. Others have come to their aesthetic conclusion. There are also work that has been scrapped a long the way. Reading and hearing about the artists thoughts should be done with a certain respect and modesty, to acknowledge that words are not the main media for most of the contributing artists.

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